Tips for online dating? Oh no…not this again

April 16, 2016

Tips for online dating? Oh no… not this again. Everyone hates online dating but if you look at the stats there are almost 20,000 people signing up each day. Yes… you heard that right. Much like a gym membership though, many don’t stick around too long before giving up. Most are too impatient and want a magic method to find their soulmate or even just a date. If you remember that Online Dating is just a tool and not another social media platform you will do just fine. Hope you enjoy these next five tips.

1. Have some patience and don’t come off desperate.

It’s okay to be single. Wanting something too badly will send the wrong signals and a negative energy. Finding love is not like finding a new outfit. It does take some time but it’s worth it.

2. Be honest on your profile

Too many people do not post recent photos which can make for a very anxious and stressful first date. Don’t lie in your profile either you will be found out sooner or later. All this does is creates a road to nowhere because more than likely you won’t show up for the date in fear they will notice. But, you do need to choose a nice profile photo of yourself.

3. Stop reading inbox messages

If you are a guy then you probably aren’t getting a whole bunch so go ahead and read them. If you are a woman who receives 20 a day ..STOP. Most messages do not show any effort and will end up just frustrating you and prompting you to try and “educate” the man that sent it. Your time is more valuable so instead look at profiles and you CHOOSE the man instead of letting them choose you.

4. Talk on the phone no matter what

Do not allow technology to rob you of whether or not there is serious chemistry between you. One phone call can make all the difference on knowing whether or not you will get along. Texting is never a good idea for setting up a date without a phone call first.

5. Take it seriously

Just as you get ready for a night out on the town so should you give the same respect to online dating. Spell check your profile in word before posting it. Change your photos often and make sure they are recent. Don't let the conversation get stale before asking them out. There is a moment when the conversation goes down the toilet which in many cases will leave you GHOSTED.