How to get a girlfriend

January 3, 2017

1.Meet girls

Maybe at a bar, or coffee shop, library, malls, streets, or dating sites, social sites. If you see a girl whom you find attractive, go and talk to her, a huge mistake some guys make is afraid to talk to her, at least you have to let her know you are not a coward. If you see a hot girl, go and talk to her. Convey her your intentions right away. Don't digress, no matter what, you are looking for a girlfriend, not a friend who is a ‘girl’. Remember, fear of rejection is extremely irrational.

2. Physical appearance

One of the most important reasons to attract women is to be a “Nice Male” meaning clean yourself up, clean your face, clean your hair, clean your suit, clean yourself, smell good(she might kiss your, but don’t get too much perfume), shower regularly, brush your teeth twice a day and stay in shape. While you don’t need to be the best-looking person out there, you do need to make a good first impression. and smile more.

3. Complimenting girls

Girls like that, challenge yourself to find something beautiful in any girl. It doesn’t have to be something physical; it can be a cute gesture, an admirable trait, a talent or skill. Recognizing and expressing true appreciation for any and every girl will make you more attracted to girls and girls more attracted to you.

4. Be strong

Didn’t mean you need to have six pack, which means you can protect her, whatever happened, be her man, maybe fight with bad guys, maybe fix drainpipe for her, even just light bulb changed. It’s true.

Try going out more often.

Bring out the confidence in you, but don't rush anything.

Don't be scared or get nervous if you are made fun of.

Always bring out a perfect image of you.

Be yourself and no one else!